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The Fabric of Our Being

Style. Design. Service.


Let's Get Comfortable

We are an everyday comfort clothing label that makes consciously designed products celebrating the handmade. We work closely with each process of our garment making, focusing on the most efficient use of our resources to provide designs that are fashionably responsible. Our fabrics are crafted by textile artisans around the country with each collection bringing its own characteristic aromas.


When you take one of our pieces in your hands, we can assure you of a well-finished garment inside out. At our studio, each piece is crafted carefully by skilled hands, so you can be sure that every garment is treated with tender care. 


Krishna Patel

Our founder and lead designer, always at her happiest making things by hand. Her love for handmade and well designed is the guiding light for all our work.


Amisha Bajpai 

Our associate designer and the

hurricane of our team. You will always

find her running around the studio,

from cutting table to sewing machines.

Meet The Team



Our senior tailor makes the

most tedious of garments 

with ease and 

understanding.That's where our fine finishing comes 

from, Krishna Ben's designs, Shakir Bhai's pattern making and Prafful Bhai's hands.


Femida Ben

Works her magic into

all our handstitched garments, with

beautiful embroidery and precise appliqué.


Omprakash Nirala

Intern designer,

pursuing his graduation project in textile and apparel design. He is mostly seen in our studio, buried in graph papers and muslin toils.


Shakir Bhai

Our main man- Our masterji. He makes the designs look so easy in making. And that's only possible with his years of experience and range of skills.

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